(RE) Discover You Program


Each and everyone of us has phenomenal power within to create the life experiences we desire

Through this program we walk the journey with you  in exploring and unleashing this power so you can define your own reality and make it happen

This is done through one-on-one coaching as well as a group coaching program that runs over 8 weeks; with self-discover and self-reflection as supplementary techniques to our coaching.


TeamInSynch Program


Teams will for the foreseeable future remain central and essential in implementing elements of the organization's strategy

The extent to which the teams pull together effectively to achieve a common goal is vital in driving consistent great results for the organization. Unfortunately this is not always the case

We assist you in understanding the individuals that make up the team; harness their diverse nature for the good of the team and organization; improve collaboration while continuously produce high performance within  Agile and VUCA contexts

New Manager Accelerator Program (NeMAP)


Set your Individual Contributors up for success from the onset by equipping them with managerial capability to quickly transition to a Manager of Others role

The NeMAP is a blend of Individualised development analysis and plan, one-on-one coaching; online learning and group coaching sessions. The program is rooted on Principle-based Leadership (leading from the inside out)

The target audience includes emerging leaders (succession pool) and newly promoted and appointed managers (IC - MoO)

Holistic Self Care (HoSeCa) Programs for Women


This comprises of a series of themed programs, addressing a wide spectrum of topical issues that affect women. At the core of these programs is the them of giving to yourself first in order to care for others well.


First in the series for 2020 is a program themed 'A Time To Exhale'


It is a seminar delivered in short and long-formats; across South Africa 

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