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1 hr
Who we are

We are a boutique Coaching and Consulting firm whose purpose is to be a conduit through which others find their purpose, become the best version of themselves and live the life they want - on their terms.

Our philosophy is that people bring the best of themselves in any context – be it work, home, socially or society in general - when they feel they have a strong personal agency. In other words they believe and feel they are ‘enough’;  believe in themselves; free from or are better able to manager the ‘internal noises’ brought about by life circumstances.


We believe people reach their optimal performance peak when they can function optimally inspite of life’s challenging circumstances


We provide coaching services aimed at helping the individual or group of individuals – private and corporate clients -  discover (or re-discover) their peak performance through different programs

What we do

We specialise in

  • Transformational coaching 

  • Energy refocusing 

  • Holistic Self Care 

  • Accelerated development programs for Managers 

  • Designing and facilitating Team Effectiveness and Development interventions

  • Freelance Consulting (Organisation Development and Change Management)

  • Seminars and Public  speaking engagements 

What we offer
  • (Re) Discover You Personal Development Coaching Program for groups and individuals.

  • New Manager Accelerator Program (NeMAP) for First Line and Emerging/Future Managers and Team Leaders

  • TeamInSynch Team Effectiveness and  Development Program.

  • A Time To Exhale (ATTE) Holistic Self Care Seminar for Women.

  • One-on-One Coaching (Life; Personal Development; Entrepreneurs and Managers).

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